171 | ClickUp For Small Businesses: Your All-In-One Project & Task Management System

171 | ClickUp For Small Businesses: Your All-In-One Project & Task Management System
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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Why I Jumped Ship From Outlook And Trello
  • The Magic Of Views, Boards, And Features
  • What Kind Of Businesses ClickUp Is Great For
  • The Reasons ClickUp May Not Be For You
  • Tips For Onboarding Any New Program Or App
  • So Much More!

When I started my business a little under 10 years ago, I was a one-woman show. Then my assistant came along not much later, and we used Outlook for our joint task management system.

As our projects grew in scope and number, our need for a more robust system did, too. We seamlessly transitioned into using Trello for our projects and delegated tasks, while I continued using Outlook for my personal self-management. That dual system worked great while it was just the two of us but eventually the team grew, as did our needs, and the system broke. Our Outlook/Trello combination no longer provided the features our growing business needed to be efficient and effective.

So, I started looking at what programs had come on the market, paying close attention to their features and capability to grow alongside a growing team. My research led me to an all-in-one app that sounded too good to be true.

ClickUp appeared to offer every feature I needed, and the price was right. I was super hesitant to jump ship, though, as I am always cautious about chasing after shiny objects dressed as opportunities. I’m a firm believer that you should learn all of the features offered on your current apps before investing in new ones because I’ve coached far too many clients who wind up just jumping from promising app to promising app, chasing after their expertly marketed features, not realizing that their current apps had made some updates and already offer those same desirable features.

I dug deep looking into ClickUp and came away from my research super impressed by everything the app had to offer. A year-and-a-half ago, I jumped ship from both Outlook and Trello and signed up for version 1.0.

Since signing up, ClickUp has put out a new update every single week based on what features clients (including me!) have requested. There were some glitches early on that the company worked through but I’m on to version 2.0 now and I can tell you, this project and task management system is as robust and perfect as it gets. No more Frankensteining a bunch of apps and programs together to get the results you want. ClickUp has significantly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of my self and my team, which is why I felt I should do an episode about my affair with it.

In this episode of Productivity Straight Talk, I dive in and review the popular app ClickUp - which I personally use to run my business - so you can get a grasp on its awesome features as well as its downfalls, and determine if it’s an app you want to invest in to streamline your project and task management.

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