105 | Instagram Alchemy: How To Turn Posts Into Profits With Stefanie Gass

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Tips For Navigating The Black Hole Of Social Media
  • Life-Changing Instagram Hacks
  • How To Prevent Instagram From Being Such A Time Sucker
  • Strategies For Staying At The Forefront Of People’s Minds Using Instagram Stories
  • Clever Ways To Automate Social Media
  • So Much More!

Unless you’re my husband who’s not on ANY social media, you’ve probably taken a moment to check out the well-known social media platform Instagram.

Perhaps you’re a user, maybe an addicted one (I see you!), and you receive the bulk of your leads via the millenial-friendly platform. Perhaps you’re not a user because Instagram seems intimidating or you don’t have time to add one more social media platform to your already insane task load. Maybe you’re somewhere in the middle and utilize Instagram for your personal use but are hesitant to incorporate it into your business marketing plan.

No matter your current relationship with Instagram, take note…

As a social media platform, Instagram offers more searchability and scalability, it’s mobile and ecommerce friendly, and it features disappearing stories which are all the rage right now.

Instagram is the app of choice for millions of consumers - consumers who let their fingers do the walking every day, leading them to make purchase after expensive online purchase.

Even if Instagram-loving millenials are not a sector of your target market, you should strongly consider adding the platform to your marketing plan. And contrary to popular belief, smart posting doesn’t need to take up loads of your time!

My guest on Productivity Straight Talk this week, Stefanie Gass, went from spending 3 hours per day to only 30 minutes per day on Instagram and she’s getting better results than ever. With 43,000 followers and 2-5% engaging, Instagram is consistently driving her business and helping her turn posts into profits.

The host and creator of The Mompreneur Mastermind Show Podcast and Podcast Pro University has become a mastermind at Instagram. And this week, Stefanie graciously walks us through her best tips and strategies for using the power platform to gain visibility and increase profits while setting smart boundaries.

If you have any interest using Instagram as a power marketing tool in your business, you don’t want to miss this episode.

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About Guest:

Stefanie Gass is the host and creator of The Mompreneur Mastermind Show Podcast and Podcast Pro University. Fueled by iced coffee, oversized lounge clothes, mom buns, and snuggles from her littles… she is a wife and mama on a mission.

Stef’s call is empowering women through faith-based business and balance mentorship, to step into their potential, and claim the success and happiness they deserve.

She believes that we can profit from our passions, live proactively instead of reactively, and design a life that fuels our soul. She believes we can actually have it all.

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