102 | My Ultimate System To Whip Your Bottom Line Into Shape With Special Guest Sarah Laufer, CPA

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • The Root Cause Of Your Tax Season Stress
  • My Step-By-Step Bookkeeping Process To Alleviate Tax Season Stress
  • The Most Important Task In Your Other Bucket
  • What Will Happen If You Don’t Keep Your Finances In Check
  • So Much More!


You made it through another tax season.

Even if you owed Uncle Sam a few, do you feel a sense of gratification that it’s done? Like a weight has been lifted? Perhaps you feel less anxious?

Tax season is a huge stressor on business owners but it doesn’t have to be this overwhelming, gargantuan ordeal that takes over your weekends in March and April because you’re having to piece things together, find missing receipts, locate lost invoices, or remember why you bought something so you can expense it correctly.

If you are proactive with your bookkeeping, tackling it systematically in small chunks throughout the year, you won’t have to fear tax season and deal with the stress that comes with it. You can approach the April 15th deadline and head into your CPA’s office saying I got this!

Easier said than done?

Not really.

In this episode of Productivity Straight Talk, I walk you through my Ultimate System To Whip Your Bottom Line Into Shape so you can develop a bookkeeping system tailored for your business, improve the state of your finances, make more informed business decisions, and go into each tax season prepared, confident, and with a pretty good handle on how much you’re going to owe or get back.

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