074 | The Biggest Productivity Killer No One Talks About With Jaclyn Mellone

074 | The Biggest Productivity Killer No One Talks About With Jaclyn Mellone
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  • 074 | The Biggest Productivity Killer No One Talks About With Jaclyn Mellone

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • The Productivity-Crippling Mantra You’re Unintentionally Telling Yourself
  • Ways To Shut Your Inner Mean Entrepreneur Up
  • How To Rewrite Your Thoughts So They Lift You Up Instead Of Drag You Down
  • The Dangers Of Imposter Syndrome
  •  One Of The Most Powerful Things You Can Do To Improve Your Productivity 
  • So Much More!

Do you have a mantra? You know, like “I am a strong leader” or “I can do anything I put my mind to.”
Maybe you don’t think you have a mantra but you have many. Unfortunately for your business, a number of them are likely negative and thus affect your ability to grow your business and adapt to changes in your market.

Mantras are basically affirmations you say over and over again, either out loud or just in your head. They can affirm positive or negative things. “I’m not good enough,” “I’ll never be able to do what he does,” “I’ll surely fail,” and “I can’t live up to their expectations” are all negative mantras that cause resistance in your brain and prevent you from going after that which you desire. Even saying something false over and over again and you’ll eventually start believing it. Thoughts can be absolutely crippling and hold you back from taking necessary action in your business.

Your mindset has enormous power over your productivity and your success. It’s up to you to develop a mindset that empowers you instead of debilitates your growth.

In this week’s episode of Productivity Straight Talk, I sit down with marketing and mindset coach, Jaclyn Mellone, who helps entrepreneurs become the go-to-gal in their space from then inside out. We discuss the power your mindset has over you.

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About Guest:

Jaclyn Mellone is a Marketing and Mindset Coach, Speaker, and Cohost of the All Up in Your Lady Business Podcast. She helps female entrepreneurs become the go to gal in their space, from the inside out.

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