057 | Finding The Right Support To Grow Your Business: Deciphering The World Of Courses, Trainings, Masterminds, Coaching, And Mentorship

057 | Finding The Right Support To Grow Your Business: Deciphering The World Of Courses, Trainings, Masterminds, Coaching, And Mentorship

In this episode, I decipher the different types of business support to help you gain clarity on the type of support that would best serve you and your business based on the stage of business you’re in, your current challenges, and your personality.

I also deep dive into my personal journey of finding support, lay out the seven-step method I use to choose who I obtain support from, and discuss why the best support with the highest ROI in the world...  may not be the right support for you.

Finally, I mention an awesome opportunity to buy my business coach Todd Herman’s 90 Day Year online program IF it’s a good fit for you and with the FREE added bonus of bi-weekly Execution Masterminds facilitated by me throughout the duration of the program.

I hope you enjoy my episode on the different kinds of business support and encourage you to thoughtfully consider all your options, so you can choose the right support for where you’re at in your business. Now let’s jump right in and get to the straight talk!


What You'll Discover In This Episode:

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    When The Right Time Is To Invest Your Time And Money Into Support
  • check
    Why The Different Types Of Support Each Provide Different Results
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    How To Choose The Right Support For Where You Are In Your Business
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    The Key Trait That Will Make All The Difference In Your Support Success
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    So Much More!

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Todd Herman’s 90 Day Year Online Program

The 5 Stages Of Business

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