Shortcut your success with this business coaching program on steroids that starts with a full-day VIP intensive!

When it comes to reaching your goals, isn’t sooner better?

I’ve learned from years of working one-on-one with small business owners that some people prefer the fast lane to success AND are willing to do the work to get there.

To meet the demand for those super driven small business owners, I created the three-part 1:1 VIP Accelerator Program, that kicks off with a full-day, 1:1 session with me, followed by 6 months of 1:1 Peak Performance Coaching AND all-access Voxer support.

Basically, it’s a business coaching program on steroids topped with a full-day VIP intensive designed to shortcut your success.

Choose to meet with me virtually from the comfort of your office, in Las Vegas, Nevada, or in a city near you (please inquire).

Do you want to get in the fast lane where you’ll completely overhaul your productivity and accelerate your success?

Let’s talk!

In The VIP Accelerator Program You’ll Receive:

Part 1 - VIP 1:1 Intensive

A single, full-day intensive customized to address your time management and productivity challenges in which we’ll work distraction-free and uninterrupted to equip you with the tools, training, and coaching to accomplish your goals – all the way from strategy to execution.

By The End Of Our Full-Day Together, We Will Have:
  • Identified your goals, broken them down into actionable steps, and determined the milestones you need to reach in order to achieve them
  • Structured four daily routines that fully support your goals and optimize your workflow
  • Created a customized weekly schedule that gives you complete clarity and control over your time and how it’s being used
  • Pinpointed the productivity challenges that are holding you back from success and created a strategic action plan to overcome them and charge forward
  • Discovered your own unique focus formula so you can stay energized and focused, create momentum, and get more done in less time
  • Empowered you to make the important decisions in your business that you keep putting on the backburner and take immediate, thoughtful action on them
  • And so much more!

And before we even begin, I’m going to get to know you and your business through:


Prior to starting our 1:1 coaching sessions, you will complete an in-depth online client assessment so I can get caught up on your business and workflow, determine your current personal productivity methods, and identify areas for improvement. You will also complete a personality assessment so I can get to know you better, including what makes you tick and what motivates you. These assessments will enable me to create customized coaching and training solutions to meet your precise needs. I will design the coaching sessions so we can dive into the specific challenges you are facing so you can get the most out of each session right out of the gate.

Client Onboarding Session

Our 90-minute client onboarding session is a valuable tool we will use to lay the groundwork for our sessions together. We will dive deeper into your business, determining the specific goals you want to accomplish, the roadblocks and challenges preventing your success, what stresses you out, and the root causes of your unproductivity, so we can lay out an execution plan to guide you to successful results and help you attain what matters most.

Part 2 - Peak Performance Coaching

We’ll continue meeting virtually for six months to fill in the gaps and keep you accountable to the goals we've set. Why? Because building a foundation for success is not enough. During our 1:1 Peak Performance Coaching sessions, I’ll continue equipping you with customized productivity strategies, techniques, and resources to get results fast, empower you to take consistent, massive, focused action, and guide you toward achieving your vision of success across the board. I’ll also be there to break through any plateaus that may arise so we can keep accelerating your success.

How Coaching with Me Works:

(12) 1:1 Coaching Sessions (6 months)

Our coaching sessions will be conducted virtually two times per month over a 6-month period. During each 45-minute session, we will cover mastering your mindset, expanding your skillset, and building business systems. We will address your personal productivity challenges which may include self-limiting beliefs, staying motivated, leveraging time, task management, energy allocation, spatial organization, email management, efficiency systems, scheduling, routines, consistently executing, reducing time spent on administrative tasks, meetings, and electronic organization. I will equip you with customized tools, techniques, and strategies to overcome these challenges and maximize your success.


Audio recordings of each 1:1 session will be provided to you at the conclusion of each session. That means you’ll have every awesome tip and helpful strategy discussed during each of your sessions at your disposal forever.

Success Sheets, Cheat Sheets, And Practical Guides

You will be provided straight-forward and actionable resources including but not limited to success sheets, cheat sheets, and practical guides to support the strategies and techniques being taught during each session.


We often show up differently for others than we do for ourselves. Just as everyone has a preference on how they take their coffee, over the years I have learned not everyone responds to the same method of accountability. I take into account you and your personality - what motivates you and what type of coaching relationship best serves you. I have been referred to as a pitbull dressed as a poodle. That means I can be both a hard ass when demanded and cheerleader when necessary. There is a time and place for both in coaching.

Part 3 - All-Access Support

You’ll receive six months of unlimited access to me via email, online platform, and Voxer so I can help you overcome any obstacles you may stumble over while implementing and executing your strategic plan. We’ll use the online platform for post-session summaries, regular accountability, continuous communication, action items, and tracking goals. Voxer is a powerful push-to-talk app that acts like a walkie talkie and enables secure, real-time communication. No having to dial numbers or send text messages. Just push the button to connect right to me effortlessly. 

Insiders VIP Club Membership

Enjoy 10% off all future coaching and training packages with me and other exclusive deals for 12 months.

It’s time to get in the fast lane.

Invest in yourself and your business with my VIP Accelerator Program designed to completely overhaul your productivity and accelerate your success!

If you dream of running your business with less stress and having more time for what matters most while achieving the success you desire, but that’s not your current reality...

I want to help you fill the gap.

My goal is to fill up your toolbox with proven strategies, techniques, and resources to help you perform to the best of your ability, and then teach you how to use those tools and when. We’ll work together to clearly define your goals and the milestones you’ll need to reach in order to achieve them. We’ll then brainstorm, mastermind, and collaborate to design a plan for execution aimed to effectively guide you to successful results. You’ll walk away with the clarity you so desire on how to further grow your business and an ACTION PLAN comprised of the exact steps necessary to achieve your goals.

Helping overwhelmed entrepreneurs to get unstuck and determine a clear path of execution to increase profits quickly and reclaim time is what I do.

I know you CAN have it all and want to help you achieve exactly that!

Hiring a coach is essentially choosing someone to walk by your side, challenging you, supporting you, and holding you accountable for taking action to get the results you desire. As a coach who cares not just about your business but also about the person behind the business, I want to partner with you in accomplishing your business goals without having to sacrifice your personal relationships, hobbies, or health.

Let's partner together to get you results!

My life has substantially improved in all areas

(Before working with Amber), I was juggling a multitude of people, projects and processes and not necessarily doing ANY of them well. While working 12-14 hours a day often 6 days a week, I spent my days running from one fire to another, missing deadlines and accomplishing very little. I managed my “to do” list by handling the most pressing items in my email box and the hottest fire. Every aspect of my personal and professional life was suffering.

After coaching with Amber, both professional and personally, my life has substantially improved in all areas.

My organization is improved, my business has grown, I have systems and methods that work. I have been able to execute on many aspects of my business plan. The new focus has allowed me to be more successful. I have clear goals and most importantly, I have boundaries. I prioritize my tasks and accomplish more in my days. My friends, co-workers, and family recognize the change in me personally. I am more accomplished, peaceful with a larger degree of life balance.

Amber is a mastermind when it comes to organization and productivity. Amber talks you through what needs to happen, and holds you, the client, accountable. Learning a new skill is not easy. It requires constant re-directing and discipline. Amber did not fix me. I fixed me – with new tools that Amber provided. Changing habits takes so much effort and work; however, the results are fantastic!


Helping me cut through the clutter

I own a few different businesses with a whole lot of moving parts and I had listened to Amber on a podcast and I wanted to see if she could help me cut through the clutter. We got started and she has been great with helping me focus on what's most important. I have learned a lot from her and I'm thankful for all my time spent.

Josh Callahan Owner of

Determined avenues to be more organized and effective

I have greatly benefited from working with Amber to streamline my business and gain greater productivity levels. Amber has great intuitive ability to determine possible avenues to helping people be more organized and effective. She is a great listener and has always inquired whether an approach she has suggested would be workable for me. I have implemented many strategies and put them into daily action steps that have certainly helped me in my business and in my mindset.

Linda Murphy Realtor at Berkshire Hathaway

Life changing results!

I hired Amber because I knew her expertise would help me gain control of my schedule and elevate my business. Our work together has been life changing and has allowed me to manage my time better and streamline my commitments. I highly recommend working with Amber if productivity, time, or email management is something you struggle with.

Jamie Lieberman Owner of HashTag - Legal, LLC

Business running smoother, with less stress and increased revenue

Amber has become a valuable and trusted member of the team. She has helped us pause and think through our processes and change many aspects of how we run our business and client relationships. In doing so, we have greatly improved our efficiency and productivity. Our business is running smoother and with less stress. Our staff is more focused and organized. Our calendar, reviews, systems, travel, etc. all has been greatly improved and more productive. We have increased our business revenue as well as peace in the office. We will continue to work with Amber as a trusted and valuable resource on an ongoing basis.


Coaching is a business asset that is a key ingredient to growth and success

I was the classic over-worked business owner. Coming home late, never finishing projects, pulled in a million directions at once. I knew something had to change (my wife DEFINITELY knew something had to change!). I needed someone to help me to do this as I knew I couldn’t do it myself. My business mentor recommended Amber to me and I decided to book a session. I canceled and moved the first session three times as I was too busy to make it happen. It became a running joke with my staff that I was too disorganized to schedule time with the organization coach. Fast forward to today – I now have a daily schedule; tasks get done and things don’t drop through the cracks. I spend time each week working on business development rather than chasing my tail to just keep the business running. I delegate better, feel calmer and most importantly – spend time with my wife and my son. I vowed to not be the business owner dad who missed soccer games or birthday parties and was never home at dinner time. Amber has been instrumental in developing systems so I can run and grow the business I want and be the husband and father I promised myself to be. Amber is excellent in helping understand the business and create a custom structure with me that works. She asks the right (and sometimes) hard questions to get me to think about where the business is going and how I can organize my life to achieve those goals. Amber helped me understand not just vision and goal setting, but how to effectively create a plan to have the time to work towards and ultimately achieve those goals. I honestly don’t know how I managed to keep everything together before I worked with Amber. Amber has become an integral part of my team. She communicates ideas and concepts extremely well and is an excellent motivator. She now also works with my key management staff, which has helped them professionally and personally. If I could sum up my coaching sessions – I would say coaching is a business asset that is a key ingredient to growth and success.


Consistently blown away by Amber's coaching!

I hired Amber to help me take back my time & allow me to focus on being creative and focus on the things within my nonprofit that I love most and that bring the most value to my team & my organization! I am consistently blown away by her coaching & strategy sessions and how much it's helping me! I have had breakthroughs in my time management, my abilities to curate the life & business I really want, AND have new creative ideas for goals I've had for years!! These sessions have been even more incredible than I expected and I just want to thank Amber so much for taking time with me <3


I thrive on the accountability we've set up!

I hired Amber to help me come up with a system to manage a variety of challenges I have surrounding my business and personal goals within my demanding luxury design service industry. I am only in the first month of my coaching process with Amber and already she has provided me with a solid direction for my work based on the goals I have set for myself, not to mention the bonus simple little hacks to set me up for success going forward. I can’t wait to see where she takes me and I thrive on the accountability we have set up together that I really have needed to push me forward.

Still unsure if 1:1 VIP Accelerator Program is right for you?

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