VIP Accelerator Day

Monthly coaching sessions are not for everyone.
Some people prefer the fast lane. 

Invest in your business with a VIP Accelerator Day to completely overhaul your productivity and shortcut your path to success in a single day!

What is a VIP Accelerator Day?

It’s a single day in which we’ll work distraction-free and uninterrupted to equip you with the tools, training, and coaching to accomplish your goal – all the way from strategy to execution.

Simply put… it’s a business coaching and strategy session on steroids.

During your customized experience, we’ll:

  • Cut through the b.s. to discover the root cause of your challenges
  • Brainstorm solutions to those obstacles
  • Create an action plan to overcome them
  • Get you on track to executing the plan

And we’re not done there.

After our VIP Accelerator Day, we’ll have follow-up calls to fill in the gaps.


Because building a foundation for success is not enough. I want to hold you accountable for continuing to work your plan so you don’t plateau but keep accelerating your success.

VIP Accelerator Day Options:

Full-Day ($4,997)

  • 6 hours virtually, in Las Vegas, NV, or in a city near you (please inquire)
  • 3 Virtual Follow-Up Sessions of 45 minutes
  • Bonus: 3 Months ongoing support via email & Voxer Access

Half-Day ($2,997)

  • 3 hours virtually
  • 2 Virtual Follow-Up Sessions of 45 minutes
  • Bonus: 2 Months ongoing support via email & Voxer Access

Amber De La Garza, The Productivity Specialist!

Amber is a sought-after productivity coach, trainer, speaker, writer, and podcast host who gives entrepreneurs the straight talk on productivity. She works with driven entrepreneurs who want to execute actionable solutions to maximize profits, reduce stress, and make time for what matters most!


Out-of-the-box thinking

I was blown away by Amber's ability to extract the true cause of inefficiencies and create a new plan based on what's already working. While the challenges I presented during my strategy session were geared toward my home life, she quickly recognized successes in my business and translated them to my home life. She encouraged me to utilize my existing resources in a new way, allowing me to make progress in areas that were previously stalled. Amber recommended using my business manager for my business to debrief all of my personal tasks and allow her to help me manage them (and take ownership of many - which she was happy to do) - it has been a game changer! In the week following our strategy session, my son's birthday party was booked, invitations sent and cake ordered - all I had to do was answer a few questions. We now meet weekly to go over home-related tasks she can take off my plate, which leaves me more room to build my business. I highly recommend working with Amber for some out-of-the box thinking that will have real impact on your life and business.

Janelle Blakely Photopoulos - Owner & Creative Director

I now have a clear path!

Amber helped me with next steps. I was feeling so overwhelmed with my accounting before our strategy session. Amber helped me to see how my reluctance to dig into the finances was holding me back in my business. She gave me actionable steps and held me accountable to some goals. I am still doing the work, but I now have a clear path and my finances are more organized than ever!

Shannon Crowe - Trainer & Consultant

Extracted the roots of my issues

Amber demonstrated such a gift of intuition and the ability to quickly get laser-focused on the specific problems that were getting in the way of being productive. During our strategy session, she put me at ease with her warm personality, extracted the roots of my issues, and provided an actionable plan for helping me implement the strategies we discussed (so long, sticky notes and redundant notepads!). She knows her stuff, and the passion she feels for her work shines through when you work with her.

Kayce Hodos - Owner

Tangible strategies, insight, and accountability

During our strategy session, Amber helped me uncover where I was getting unfocused and gave me tangible strategies I could start using right away, including batching tasks, using a power hour on Fridays to answer non-urgent emails, and blocking white space on my calendar. Besides the specific strategies, though, the most valuable part of the coaching call was that I was finally being intentional about how I was going to spend my time. I made a commitment to myself to make a change and Amber's gentle yet direct guidance gave me the insight and accountability to do so.

Carol Cox - Founder

Created rhythm in my week and seeing results!

After listening to Amber's podcast, and especially the on-air strategy sessions, I knew working with her would create more productivity in my week - and increase my potential to retain clients and create new client relationships - by making the most of my time.

My theory is my week is going to happen, one way or another, may as well be as intentional as possible at making the most of my time. With Amber's coaching, we have created a strategy that's created a rhythm in my week that takes advantage of my strengths. In a short amount of time, I'm already seeing results of the first framework we created just for me.

Renee D'Ambrosio - Insurance Broker/Risk Manager

Have time now to create new products and services!

I kept getting frustrated with my unpredictable schedule and how to grow my business when I felt like I didn't have time to focus on activities that moved the needle. I'd done nearly everything (Amber) recommended on her show but when I finally sat down with her for a coaching session, she helped me see the time block that I had in my schedule each week that would allow me to focus on growth. Since our session, I was able to do a big product launch that I never would have considered in the past. I'm months ahead in content scheduling and have time now to create new products and services that are going to help me diversify. Thanks Amber!

Danny Ozment - CEO

Invest in yourself and your business!
Schedule your VIP Accelerator Day.

No change? No change.
Without taking action, nothing will change for you or your business.

Life is too short to feel stressed out, overwhelmed, and overworked day after day with little to show for it.

If you’re not 100% happy with the state of your business, it’s time to strategize with an expert to change your circumstances.

It’s time to get results FAST!

I am confident the value you’ll experience during our VIP Accelerator Day is worth more than what you invested.

If after your session you don’t feel the value you received was worth your investment, I’ll refund your money.

Still not sure if the VIP Accelerator Day is right for you?

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