You’re a high performer but your business isn’t meeting your expectations.

The promises of your months and years of hustle paying off…
well, they’re just not happening.

And you?

You are so ready to get to that next level and beyond.
But you’re wondering if even that wasn’t a myth too because right now it feels too far away.

I’ve got good news for you!

The real problem?

It’s NOT you!

You’ve been told it’s all about how much you do. 

But it’s not.

It’s not about efficiency.

It’s not about filling up your hours or working weekends.

It’s not even about checking off all the tasks on your list.

It’s about focusing your time on the activities that matter the most!

That means it’s time to S.T.O.P.!

S.T.O.P. …

  • Running around and trying to be busy!
  • Saying yes to everything!
  • Trying to do it all on your own!
  • Bullseye
    Chasing shiny objects!
  • Bullseye
    Getting to the end of the week and wondering where your time went!
  • Bullseye
    Camping out on the edge of that business plateau!
  • Bullseye
    Missing out on time with your family and friends!

If all it took was action to create success, you might be the best in the world.
It’s not that you’re not a go-getter. It’s just that you’ve been focusing on the wrong activities, and in the process, you’ve burned yourself out and found yourself wanting more … but are not sure how to get it.

You’re here because either …

Your business is stuck. You’re working hard and it’s not paying you back. You’ve maxed out your resources You've tried every trick, tactic, and strategy. Now you just feel frustrated and need to increase your revenue so you can get the support you need.


Your revenue is great. You’re hitting your goals every time, but your personal life is practically non-existent. Family dinners, date nights, dance recitals, soccer practice - you can’t seem to get it all in. You need to increase your revenue while decreasing the time you spend working every day.

You might be wondering if it’s even possible to have both a thriving personal life and professional life at the same time.

I’m here to tell you...

Yes, you can!

Hi, I’m Amber - The Productivity Specialist!

And I got really tired of seeing the hardest working, most talented people I knew being unable to achieve their goals.

When I’d ask why, I’d get the same answer over and over … and over. 

They were…

  • Too overwhelmed
  • check
    Completely exhausted
  • check
    Out of time
  • check
    Felt like it was all too much
  • check
    Burned out
  • check
    Unable to focus

The problem?

Nope, it wasn’t time - they had the same amount as everyone else. It’s wasn’t too much to do - they have the same amount of work most others building businesses do.

Really? It was lack of clarity that kept them from spending their time and effort in the RIGHT places.

It’s now my life’s work to help you move your business from train wreck to full speed ahead using powerful productivity alongside clear business strategy with S.T.O.P.! The Entrepreneur’s Success Solution.

Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals, bring their visions to life, and find more time for the things they love outside of their businesses.

Now I’ve refined my methods and created S.T.O.P. to help entrepreneurs like you looking to level-up in business and life … but who don’t know how to create the time and money to make it happen.

If you dream of running your business with less stress and achieving the success you desire, that is exactly what S.T.O.P.! The Entrepreneurs Success Solution is designed to do.


Challenged my professional AND personal growth

With Amber’s guidance, I have implemented an abundance of new processes, hired a new staff member, and opened a new office. I am also working on a potential partnership with another professional and she is playing an integral part of that process. Amber has challenged not only my professional growth, but also my personal growth. I am looking forward to working with Amber for some time to come!

Elizabeth Delgado-Schuetze Private Wealth Advisor

Coaching is a business asset that is a key ingredient to growth and success

I was the classic over-worked business owner. Coming home late, never finishing projects, pulled in a million directions at once. I knew something had to change (my wife DEFINITELY knew something had to change!). I needed someone to help me to do this as I knew I couldn’t do it myself. My business mentor recommended Amber to me and I decided to book a session. I canceled and moved the first session three times as I was too busy to make it happen. It became a running joke with my staff that I was too disorganized to schedule time with the organization coach. Fast forward to today – I now have a daily schedule; tasks get done and things don’t drop through the cracks. I spend time each week working on business development rather than chasing my tail to just keep the business running. I delegate better, feel calmer and most importantly – spend time with my wife and my son. I vowed to not be the business owner dad who missed soccer games or birthday parties and was never home at dinner time. Amber has been instrumental in developing systems so I can run and grow the business I want and be the husband and father I promised myself to be. Amber is excellent in helping understand the business and create a custom structure with me that works. She asks the right (and sometimes) hard questions to get me to think about where the business is going and how I can organize my life to achieve those goals. Amber helped me understand not just vision and goal setting, but how to effectively create a plan to have the time to work towards and ultimately achieve those goals. I honestly don’t know how I managed to keep everything together before I worked with Amber. Amber has become an integral part of my team. She communicates ideas and concepts extremely well and is an excellent motivator. She now also works with my key management staff, which has helped them professionally and personally. If I could sum up my coaching sessions – I would say coaching is a business asset that is a key ingredient to growth and success.

Tim Clothier CEO

I am getting more done now than I have in years.

I have always considered myself extremely organized but I found myself never having enough time. I was frustrated and overwhelmed. After my first meeting with Amber, I knew I had found my solution. She helped me put systems in place to be more efficient and productive. I am getting more done now than I have in years.

Janette Byrne Executive Coach

Get Your Business Back On The Track To Growth

Getting what you want in business and life is shockingly simple. You just haven’t been given the necessary tools to create a strategic plan or the skills to execute with confidence so you can grow exponentially without losing your mind or control of your business.

S.T.O.P.! The Entrepreneurs Success Solution focuses on leveraging the four productivity pillars of Self, Time, Organization, and People.


Have you ever stayed late at the office to move a project ahead but feel guilty you’re not having dinner with your family? Or taken your kid ice skating but feel guilty you’re not working on your business?

You’re so busy trying to be everything to everyone… and feeling guilty no matter what you do, that you put your own needs permanently on the backburner.

It’s time to learn the skills to make YOU a priority, and when you break free from self-sabotage, you’ll find empowerment, balance, and business growth on the other side.


How many times have you started your day with the best intentions to get a bunch done and suddenly it’s lunch time. And you have no idea where the time went or what you got done for the last 3 hours.

You’ve worked your butt off but have little to show for it besides having put out a few fires and answered a few emails.

It’s time to become the master of your time and proactively plan so you execute like a boss and watch your productivity and profitability skyrocket.


When it’s time to file your taxes or some important documents for your business, do you spend hours scouring your office for each document you need?

Digital files, file folders, stacks of paper - you’ve got them all and yet you can’t find anything. You know you saw them last month but can’t remember for the life of you where.

It’s time to leave behind clutter to clean up your office, your digital files, and your business systems for ultimate efficiency and ease.


Has the phrase “It’ll just take me a minute” become your mantra? Even if you did finally hire that assistant you think you need, are you stuck on what you should delegate?

You are the most qualified to do tasks -- it IS your business after all -- and don’t know if you can trust her. So instead of training her to do your time-consuming social media posting or automating it, you continue doing it yourself.

It’s time to forget trying to go at it alone and build your dream team to support you inside and outside of your business.

In S.T.O.P.! The Entrepreneur’s Success Solution, you’ll learn those skills and you’ll be given the tools to use them over and over to overcome any plateau you find your business in today or in the future.

And this proven framework can apply to any business and industry. In fact, it’s already been used to create massive results for entrepreneurs in …

  • Real Estate
  • Lending
  • Financial
  • Insurance
  • Speakers
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Online Businesses
  • And so many more...

What You’ll Learn

S.T.O.P. has 13 modules designed to help you lay the tracks, fuel your business, and reach your destination with ease.



Destination By Design

Uncover your goals and create a strategic plan for your business.



Mindset Matters

Stop self-sabotaging and start feeling empowered.


Health Is Wealth

Break free from exhaustion and feel energized in every area of your life.


Life by Choice

Take back control of your life and find the balance you’ve been craving.



Freedom to Focus

No more wondering “what’s next” and instead, become a laser-focused doer.


Power Planner

Stop letting your business run you and start becoming a proactive planner.


Task Master

Uncover your excuses and step into your power as a massive action taker.



Office Space Overhaul

Take your office space from cluttered chaos to an environment of efficiency.


Digital Detox

Don’t let your inbox and digital files suck your time and instead, create manageable processes.


Bad-Ass Business Systems

Give your business systems a makeover, from a dysfunctional mess to streamlined and efficient.



Dream Team

Break through that plateau and find faster growth by filling strategic roles on your team.


Trusted Advisory Council

Don’t get left without direction again and instead, build your own guidance system with smart and savvy advisors.


Your Posse

Stop letting negative people rule your life and start surrounding yourself with encouraging supporters.

What You'll Get

13 Core Training Modules ($4,550 value)
Each module comes with a live training to teach you how to master each concept we cover.

13 Group Coaching Calls ($4,550 value)
Personalized support will be available through group coaching calls to help you get individual feedback and implement every lesson.

Success Sheets, Cheat Sheets, And Canvases ($500 Value)
You will be provided numerous resources including but not limited to success sheets, cheat sheets, and canvases to support the strategies and techniques being taught each session. With these resources, you’ll learn to apply and integrate everything into your business.

6 Months Of Email Support ($700 Value)
During this beta round, you’ll get direct email access to me to help you get unstuck or answer your questions between coaching calls.

Accountability ($300 Value)

Over the years, I have learned not everyone responds to the same method of accountability. Just like coffee, everyone likes it different. I take into account you and your personality - what motivates you and what type of coaching relationship best serves you. Whether you need a hard ass or an empathetic ear, I partner with you exactly the way you need me to so you get results...

Community ($300 Value)
Find your people inside our exclusive community where you can get connected and encouraged from achievers like you.

Audio recordings of sessions will be provided to you. That means you’ll have every awesome tip and helpful strategy discussed during each of your sessions at your disposal forever.

Bring Your Team for Free
You’re growing a team - or you’re about to be - and I want to make it easy for you to grow together from the start. Your team can have access to the materials inside S.T.O.P. for free so you can easily implement together.

Lifetime Access
S.T.O.P. is a method you can use over and over, and I want to make sure you have the benefit of using it in every stage of your business. That’s why joining S.T.O.P. isn’t just a six month thing. You get lifetime access to all the training materials so you can return to it any time you’re ready for major business growth.

When you stack up all the value, this whole program is valued at $10,900.

However I am offering the program for an investment of only 

$4,750 or six payments of $825.


My whole life – personal and professional – feels balanced.

Working with Amber has been nothing short of enlightening! Now all the systems I need are in place and functioning smoothly, I have a strong grasp on my schedule and I am more productive than ever. My whole life – personal and professional – feels balanced.

Maggie Verderame Founder & Singer-Songwriter

Able to reduce waste and surge forward!

I had the pleasure of working with Amber from the beginning of 2017 to 2018! I had never had a coach before other than my physical trainer so this was an eye opening experience. I found that I was able to throw all "my balls" into the air and, with Amber's talent and assistance, catch them, put them in order, and have them make sense so that I could continue to work at my optimum! So much of the time, there are time wasters and I found by concentrating and discussing my business with her, I was able to reduce the waste and surge forward!

Robin Smith Realtor

Determined avenues to be more organized and effective

I have greatly benefited from working with Amber to streamline my business and gain greater productivity levels. Amber has great intuitive ability to determine possible avenues to helping people be more organized and effective. She is a great listener and has always inquired whether an approach she has suggested would be workable for me. I have implemented many strategies and put them into daily action steps that have certainly helped me in my business and in my mindset.

Linda Murphy Realtor

But S.T.O.P. isn’t for everyone!

It’s not for people who…

  • Like excuses more than they like results.
  • Bullseye
    Don’t wanna do the work to be successful.
  • Bullseye
    Not ready to invest in their business future.
  • Bullseye
    Don’t have consistent sales.
  • Bullseye
    Have bad attitudes and like to stay stuck.

However, if you’re an action-taker, a solution seeker, and an entrepreneur who is ready to maximize profits, reduce stress, and find time for what matters most… 

this program was made for you!

Just imagine your life six months from now...

  • In this same stressful mess you find your business in today
  • Bullseye
    In the hospital because you’ve worked yourself sick
  • Bullseye
    Wondering when it’s YOUR turn to take a break or achieve success
  • Bullseye
    Wishing you had more time for your family or to finally take a vacation


  • Feeling the most empowered and confident you’ve ever felt
  • Bullseye
    Watching your dream goals come to life before you
  • Bullseye
    Taking more time for you and your family
  • Bullseye
    Watching your business and revenue grow exponentially

You have a choice.
I think it’s your time to S.T.O.P. spinning your wheels and start seeing the success you deserve and the impact you were made for.

S.T.O.P.! The Entrepreneur's Success Solution will help you get there!

It’s time to get started!

S.T.O.P.! letting your business run you and START succeeding with The Entrepreneurs Success Solution.


Business running smoother, with less stress and increased revenue

Amber has become a valuable and trusted member of the team. She has helped us pause and think through our processes and change many aspects of how we run our business and client relationships. In doing so, we have greatly improved our efficiency and productivity. Our business is running smoother and with less stress. Our staff is more focused and organized. Our calendar, reviews, systems, travel, etc. all has been greatly improved and more productive. We have increased our business revenue as well as peace in the office. We will continue to work with Amber as a trusted and valuable resource on an ongoing basis.

Adam Udy Private Weath Advisor

Make every day as productive as possible

Amber has helped me put systems and strategies in place in order to make every day as productive as possible. Our sessions have been full of brainstorming ideas to keep me on track with my routines so that I can hit my goals. Amber is down to earth and very easy to talk to. I would highly recommend Amber to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.

Traci Human Real Estate Specialist

Took my production to the next level

Amber is thorough, highly detail oriented, personable, and extremely competent at what she does. She was able to guide me through each of the steps to step up effective systems for MY business, not a cookie cutter system that is used over and over. She took the time to understand my goals and establish more efficient and effective business systems to take my production to the next level.

Felipe Crook Broker Salesman


How does it work?

What makes S.T.O.P.! The Entrepreneur's Success Solution different?

How much does it cost?

How do I know it’s for me?

How much time should I commit for this program?

When do we start?

Do I have to sign up for the whole six months?

Have other questions?

You may have been told that you can’t have it all,
and that you definitely can’t have it all at the same time.

But you can! And S.T.O.P. will give you the road map to more freedom, more income, and more impact in your life and business.

All you need to do is invest in yourself and take action now!

For this beta round, I am only seeking a few high-performing entrepreneurs who want actionable solutions to maximize profits, reduce stress, and make time for what matters most!

I am closing this offer Friday, September 28th 2018.

But before you click away, I want you to ask yourself one question … are you supremely happy with the state of your business?

If the answer is no, here’s the straight truth: if you don’t make a change, there won’t be one.

Life is too short to feel stressed out, overwhelmed, and overworked day after day with little to show for it.

If you don’t make a change in your personal productivity, you will never see a change in your business or life.

You know that feeling of being out of time, overworked, and constantly battling the stresses of running a business? It’s not serving you, and it won’t change until YOU do.

It’s time to make the change and take massive action to build the business you deserve!

If you want to...

  • Wake up each morning filled with passion and focus!
  • Reduce the stress of running a business
  • Create a plan to take on the day before it takes you on
  • End each day with a feeling of accomplishment
  • And have time for all the people and things that matter to you most

… Then I invite you to say YES! Not just to this coaching program, but to YOU! You deserve to have a massively successful business and live a life you love!

For an investment of only $4,750 or six payments of $825.

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