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I’m Amber De La Garza,

The Productivity Specialist!

About Amber De La Garza

Amber De La Garza is The Productivity Specialist! Amber helps small business owners maximize profits, reduce stress, and make time for what matters most by improving their time management and elevating their productivity! Amber is a sought-after coach, trainer, speaker, writer, host of the Productivity Straight Talk Podcast and creator of Leverage Lab®.

Why Amber Will Make An Excellent Guest

Amber is a seasoned podcaster who has hosted over 250 episodes and been a guest on over 75 episodes. If your audience consists of small business owners, it’s likely they struggle with time management and productivity which is Amber’s expertise. When you book her to be a guest on your podcast, you can be sure your listeners will hear relevant examples and get actionable strategies they can implement right away to help them succeed in business.

Business Topics Amber Can Speak On

Amber brings a unique perspective to the following business topics. She loves customizing her effective business, time management, and productivity strategies with specific examples to align with your audience so they provide the most value.

Time Management

Specific Topics Amber Can Speak To Your Audience About

  • How to reclaim your time with Time Maximizers so you can stop being busy and start being productive
  • Effective strategies to lead your team so you can be more productive
  • Where small business owners should be investing their time to grow their business
  • Strategies to reduce overwhelm so you can show up your best
  • How the fear of success and/or failure is sabotaging your productivity
  • How to plan your day with the Daily RAP (Review & Action Plan)
  • How to bookend your day by creating routines to maximize your success
  • The truth about productivity: common myths debunked and strategies for success
  • Smart strategies to be less stressed and more profitable
  • How creating and maintaining boundaries can help you achieve greater balance
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Questions You Can Ask Amber (others are great, too!)

  • How did you come to be The Productivity Specialist?
  • How do you define productivity?
  • What are some myths surrounding productivity / time management?
  • What is your best tip for business owners that will give the greatest impact?
  • Why is productivity / time management such an important skill for business owners?
  • How can business owners reclaim time for what matters most?
  • What are some strategies to reduce stress while increasing profitability?
  • How can business owners utilize time blocking to get more done?
  • What routines are most important for business owners?
  • How do business owners unknowingly sabotage their success and what can they do about it?
  • What steps can business owners take to achieve a better work/life balance?
  • What habits should business owners break and what habits should they develop in order to be successful?
  • How have you managed to juggle being a business owner, wife, and mother?

A Sampling Of Amber’s Guest Interviews

& What The Podcast Hosts Had To Say

A Well-Designed Business 2

A Well - Designed Business with Luann Nigara

Enjoy a clip from

our conversation >>

Amber De La Garza is quite literally one of my all-time favorite guests. Without exception, each time she’s been on the show she has taught me something that I’ve taken to the three businesses that I manage and operate.

Amber consistently challenges business owners on the thinking that being busy equals being productive. One of the most insightful lessons from Amber that I, and my audience, have learned is that productivity, or lack of it, is a result of your mindset.
Amber challenges us to consider that rather than to do lists and spreadsheets, productivity is a result of how we think about time and our use of it as business owners, as the CEO's.

Her insights into the next level thinking about efficiency, productivity and creating the outcomes that drive our business forward are spot on and actionable. Every time she is on the show I receive emails of praise for her from my listeners!
I am grateful to know Amber because she has made a tremendous impact on my businesses as well as in the businesses of my listeners.

~ LuAnn Nigara, A Well Designed Business Podcast

Speaking Your Brand

Speaking Your Brand with Carol Cox

Enjoy a clip from

our conversation >>

 I had the opportunity to host Amber on the Speaking Your Brand Podcast and was so impressed by her energy, clarity, and authenticity! She provided such valuable insight to our community on the topics of business and productivity. I am confident you will find her to be one of your best podcast guests yet!

~ Carol Cox, Speaking Your Brand Podcast

Becoming Limitless - Guest Interview

Becoming Limitless with Tanessa Shears

Enjoy a clip from

our conversation >>

I featured Amber as a guest on my podcast, Becoming Limitless, and it was a wonderful experience from start to finish. When I approached her to guest on my show, she made booking in an interview time easy and provided a unique topic idea for us to talk about with a linked blog post for me to read to understand her framework in more detail. This made it so easy to ask great questions!

Beyond giving a fantastic interview which was well received by my audience and full of practical, actionable strategies, she followed up with relevant links and images so I could prepare the episode’s social media content.

She re-shared all clips and content I posted from our episode and went above and beyond to do a 10m Instagram Live on my page to promote the episode. As an unexpected surprise, she created her own social media post to share the episode with a bonus audio clip.

I’d highly recommend Amber as a guest on your show!

~ Tanessa Shears, The Becoming Limitless Podcast

Grace & Grit with Courtney Townley

Enjoy a clip from

our conversation >>

I have had the privilege of hosting Amber on the Grace & Grit Podcast and can confidently say that she is a magnificent speaker. Not only did she bring immense value to my audience with relevant ideas and tangible action steps, but she delivers her message with clarity, grace, and a contagious amount of passion. If you are considering hosting her as a guest, do it! She will not disappoint.

~ Courtney Townley, Grace & Grit Podcast

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Amber has had the pleasure of giving her Straight Talks across the country for audiences that range from small business owners and associations to multinational corporations. She has also been honored to write articles for national and international publications.

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