Outlook® Training

Discover how I stay on top of my emails daily and

manage over 200 tasks without feeling overwhelmed!

Microsoft Outlook Training | The Productivity Specialist

Are you receiving the full benefits from this powerful software?

According to a study performed by the McKinsey Global Institute, the average person spends 13 hours per week dealing with emails. That’s 33% of your workweek! Imagine how much more you could accomplish on a weekly basis if you were able to process your emails more efficiently.

This training is for you if you want to maximize your efficiency through Outlook®.

You will learn how to be effective in the way you utilize the intricate functions and tools within Outlook®. You will learn proven techniques that simplify workflow and integrate Mail, Tasks, Calendar, and Contacts.

If you are not using this software to its full capacity, then taking advantage of this training will turn you into an Outlook® pro.


● End the Frustration: Learn How to Use Your Software Quickly and Efficiently

● Quit Drowning in Email: Set Up Folders and Learn How to Manage Your Inbox

● No More Information Overload: Use Simple Systems to Keep Things Organized

● Find Your Flow: Easily Keep Track of Clients, Follow-Ups, and Business Opportunities

● Quit Getting Distracted: Learn Strategies to Consistently Focus on Your Priorities

● Keep Things Simple: Get Techniques to Integrate All Your Inputs into a Single System

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