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Are you often looking for lost passwords or usernames? Having to go through the steps of waiting for the authentication email, clicking on the link, resetting your password, tracking the new password, then logging in again? Perhaps even jumping through security hoops like entering a code sent to your phone or trying to remember who you entered as your best friend in elementary school? You are hardly alone. The average person spends 12 minutes every week or 11 hours every year entering and resetting passwords. That loss of valuable time comes at a huge cost to your productivity! But that nonsense can all stop, thanks to LastPass.

Several years ago, I just knew there had to be a better method of managing my passwords. It seemed ridiculous to track them on a Word doc or an Excel spreadsheet which I also had to password protect. It seemed insane that I had to email out passwords to independent contractors when they did one-off projects for me, then change passwords immediately after they finished the work. What a hassle! I researched the options out there and was awestruck by the features LastPass listed on their website. Could managing my passwords really be that easy? In one word, yes.

My LastPass Review For Small Businesses

LastPass offers secure, online password management. After setting up all of your passwords inside LastPass one time, LastPass keeps track of them so you don’t have to. All you need to know is your master password. That’s it. Once you’ve logged into LastPass (andLastPass you can stay logged in on your computer or mobile device), LastPass will auto-populate your log-in credentials for every site you’ve supplied. That means no more searching through docs to find pass​LastPass​​​words and no more wasting valuable time going through the reset password steps.

LastPass also offers some special features that I love and take full advantage of. I use their fingerprint technology to easily log in on my phone without having to input my master password. I feel great about that because I know if I lose my phone, no one else will be able to get into my accounts. I also love that you can give your employees access to only the sites you want them to have access to.  And they never actually see your log-in or password! This feature has been super beneficial as I’ve grown my team because I now feel comfortable giving contractors all over the world access to the sites they need to work on, knowing that if something were to go wrong (and it has), I could quickly shut down their access immediately and they could never get back into my accounts. No having to remember which passwords I gave out or having to change them required. LastPass rocks!

Not long after I started using LastPass, I was doing a workcation with my girlfriend. She wanted to give me access to an account so I could help her out on a project but couldn’t find her password. After looking through files and her email, she ended up having to go through the Lost Your Password? prompts which took a couple more minutes of her precious time. I encouraged her right then to look into using LastPass for her small business and to this day, she’s thankful I did.

LastPass has been life-changing for me. It has saved me more time than any other app I’ve used and as The Productivity Specialist, I’m keenly aware how saved time can be reinvested in the high-value activities that help you achieve your goals. LastPass is the solution you have been waiting for to securely organize your passwords and share them with your employees on your terms.

Enjoyed my Last Pass Review For Small Businesses? Looking for the best password management app for your small business? Go to LastPass to get started!

Please note - this post contains affiliate links. I will receive a commission if you purchase through my links but it doesn't cost you anything extra, and I only recommend products I use in my business daily.

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