Planning your year is one of the most important activities you can do as a business owner because it helps you set the overall direction of your business and determine the actions you must take to achieve your goals.

In this full-day virtual workshop, I will help you take the guess-work out of what next steps to take to plan your year and rid you of the overwhelm that often accompanies strategic business planning.

During the three-phase workshop, you’ll reflect on where you’ve been, get clear on where you want to go, and identify the exact actions that will get you there. And you won’t be doing it alone! I will hold your hand and walk you through creating your entire business plan for the year, down to your daily routine.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have the answers to what:

  • Drives you to do the things you do in your business and in life
  • Methods you will use to track your goals, metrics, and KPIs
  • Additional resources and hires you will need
  • Marketing pursuits you will take on
  • New offerings you will bring to market
  • Projects you will focus on
  • Milestones you must meet
  • Time to allow for each project
  • New technology you will adapt
  • Skill or learning gaps you will fill
And... you’ll have a plan of action in hand - a 2022 blueprint for your business that you simply need to execute on.

Imagine going into 2022...

  • Feeling excited because you have a clear plan on how to achieve your goals and know what steps to take
  • With the clarity of knowing what resources (time, money, people, technology, skills, support) you will need to accomplish your goals
  • Knowing when you will take time off for vacations, your mental health, family time, or just extra sleep
  • Feeling empowered to make bold decisions that will move your business forward
  • Being in the driver’s seat of your business instead of getting run over by it

Join us on January 3rd from 8 AM - 3 PM PT for this full-day virtual workshop for only $695 and go into 2022 with a clear, actionable plan for your business! 

* This is a LIVE workshop on January 3rd.*

*The event will not be recorded and no refunds will be given for not attending.*