321 | Lessons In Leadership & Building A Strong Culture With Jaime Taets

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Why Strong Cultures Help Businesses Grow 
  • How To Get Out From Under The Founder’s Dilemma 
  • Ways To Reduce Cultural Confusion Within Your Business 
  • How Having Great Culture Helps With Hiring & Firing 
  • What Must Be Done In Order To Scale  
  • The  Key To Allowing Flexibility & Autonomy While Building Trust With Your Team  
  • Our #1 Job As Strong Leaders 
  • So Much More!

Jaime Taets grew up in a small family business then went away to college to get away from that. After working in a large company and seeing what that was like, she came full circle and opened her own small business. Now, Jaime is passionate about her career in which she helps other small business owners scale with less pain and live out the mantra “When your culture is strong, your people will move mountains for you.” 

Are you eager to grow or scale your business?

Then consider:

Do you know your limitations and how to solve for them?

Do you know if you have the right people and leaders on your teams?

Do you coach, inspire, advocate for, connect with, mentor, and appreciate them?

Have you built a culture that can withstand the change that is going to be required to grow?

Many leaders don’t achieve the growth they desire because they don’t look at those other ceilings and don’t evolve as fast as their businesses. They also fail to build the necessary foundation for sustainable growth and that is always a strong culture of team members who are willing to move mountains for the business.

In this episode of the Small Business Straight Talk Podcast, I sit down with the Founder and CEO of Keystone Group International, Jaime Taets, to dive into the leadership role a business owner plays in building culture and how a strong culture is the foundation for scaling. Maybe it’s time to give your team members a healthy dose of culture shock.

Episode Links & Resources:

About Guest:

Jamie Taets is the CEO of Keystone Group International, a public speaker, author, podcast host, and thought leader who is focused on helping you uncover the fears that are holding you back today and creating lasting impact.

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