319 | How Intentional Action Leads To Exceptional Results With James Brackin

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • James’ Background That Significantly Influenced The Way He Lives 
  • What Specific Event Led Him To Bet On Himself 
  • How James Defines Intentionality & Why It Matters 
  • Ways To Be Intentional With Your Time
  • Why We Should Optimize For Enjoyment Instead Of Progress  
  • How To Use Anticipation To Fuel You  
  • The Results That Come Out Of Living With Intentionality  
  • So Much More!

James Brackin wasn’t your average 17 year-old. In 11th grade and as Covid swept the world, something clicked that changed his mentality from that of a victim to that of a victor. He stopped asking Why is this happening to me? and started asking the more profound question How is this happening for me? Continuously asking that different question put him on a different path and totally changed his life. He realized that losing family members and going through anxiety and depression was not ruining him. Instead, those experiences were growing him so he could help others in the future. That’s when James became super intentional with his time.

James stopped coasting through life as many 17 year-olds do and started reading an insane number of personal development books. He spent all of his money to hire his first life coach, started a podcast (still going strong BTW), and took action to become a successful life coach. Today, James is only 20 years-old and yet he has so much wisdom and knowledge, and lives his life with such intentionality that he achieves exceptional results in everything he undertakes. He has made a career out of helping others get what they actually want instead of what they’re supposed to want so they can live more fulfilling lives, just as he does.

In this episode of the Small Business Straight Talk Podcast, I sit down with personal coach James Brackin to discuss how intentional action can fuel your growth and lead to exceptional results.

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About Guest:

James Brackin is a personal coach helping entrepreneurs get to the root of their self sabotage so they can take intentional action and achieve their goals. He’s also the host of the top 1% podcast, The You Can Too Podcast.

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