317 | How To Create A Marketing Plan You’ll Actually Stick To With Lauren Tilden

317 | How To Create A Marketing Plan You’ll Actually Stick To With Lauren Tilden
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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • 3 Reasons Why It Proves Difficult To Show Up Consistently 
  • How To Keep Showing Up When You’re Not Seeing Results Yet 
  • Lauren’s Super Tactical Marketing Tips 
  • What To Spend Your Marketing Time & Effort On 
  • Best Practices For Getting To Know Your Ideal Clients  
  • The One Thing You Really Need To Put In Your Marketing
  • So Much More!

Before I knew better, I tried every marketing strategy in the book that had been successful for other online small business owners. If it worked for them, it could work for me, right? No, not necessarily. Some of the marketing strategies I tried became the bane of my existence because they were like trying to squeeze a full-sized piece of luggage into an overhead compartment. The fit was impossible with my personality, workflow, skill sets, and brain.

Blogging for example, was simply not for me. It was the IT marketing strategy back in 2015 or so when I tried it but I dreaded each upcoming content session because they made me miserable. I would pace back and forth behind my content manager as I worked out my thoughts on productivity and time management while she typed and organized them. My voice got lost in translation and it was far too tedious to be enjoyable. So, the inevitable happened. I lost interest, I wasn’t consistent with it, and I saw very little return.

Not all marketing strategies are going to be home runs but you’ll never even know if a marketing strategy is effective if you’re not consistent with it. And not enjoying a marketing strategy just like I didn’t enjoy blogging is only one of the many reasons small business owners don’t show up consistently long enough to see if a marketing strategy works or might even be a home run! There are many others and I felt it was important to address them.

So, in this episode of the Small Business Straight Talk Podcast, I sit down with retail shop owner and marketing coach, Lauren Tilden, to dive into strategies to cut the noise, devise an effective marketing plan, and be consistent with it so you get the results you want!

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About Guest:

Lauren is a maker, retail shop owner, podcast host, and marketing coach on a mission to help small business owners do better marketing... more consistently. An ex-corporate marketer, Lauren fell in love with small business through her first small business, the plant inspired stationery business Good Sheila. A couple of years after starting Good Sheila, she took the reins of the retail shop her mom owned, Station 7. And as of 2020, she hosts Making Good, a podcast for small businesses who want to make a big impact. Lauren believes that one of the best ways to make a positive impact on the world is through great marketing.

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