313 | Self-Care Or Self-Destruct: Your Choice With Katie McDonald

313 | Self-Care Or Self-Destruct: Your Choice With Katie McDonald
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  • 313 | Self-Care Or Self-Destruct: Your Choice With Katie McDonald

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • How One Missed Meeting Led To Self-Care Becoming Katie’s Domain 
  • What Self-Care Really Is (It’s Not Ben & Jerry’s!) 
  • Why Self-Neglect Is Selfish And Self-Care Is Our Duty 
  • The Obstacles That Get In The Way Of Self-Care 
  • Strategies For Busy Business Owners To Start Embracing Self-Care  
  • How Food Plays A Big Part  
  • So Much More!

I’ve always been a big proponent of self-care. When I was a young girl and parts of my life were unraveling, instead of allowing myself to become unhinged, I strategically organized the parts of my life I had control over: my closet, my furniture, and my drawers. It was my way of creating order during periods of chaos. Even today, when life feels stressful and chaotic, I turn to organizing my refrigerator because it calms me. It feels safe and puts me back in control.

Organizing is just one form of self-care I turn to which allows me to recharge and show up my best for my family and in my business. I also take cat naps, mental health days, long weekends, I meal plan, go for long drives, and more. Those moments allow me to re-center, refocus, re-energize, and prioritize my health and wellness. I don’t plan on being a mom, a wife, and a business owner for just a few months. I plan on keeping those roles for a very, very long time and I know that in order for me to be along for those rides for the long haul, I need to prioritize my relationship with myself and embracing self-care allows me to do that.

As my guest on today’s episode, Katie McDonald, said, “Self-care is actually repairing the relationship we have with ourselves, becoming curious about ourselves, and asking ourselves, what do I need?” Do you frequently ask yourself what you need or are you only really fulfilling the needs of your family members, clients, and team members? As busy business owners, it is so easy to neglect our own needs but I encourage you to put in the work and change that so you can show up your best for the long haul!

In this episode of Productivity Straight Talk, I sit down with self-care strategist and the owner of B.Nourished.com, Katie McDonald, to dive into her journey to becoming an expert on self-care which began with a long period of self-neglect which led to self-destruction and a life-changing epiphany. Katie shares strategies for committing to nourishing self-care and getting on the path towards a more balanced and vibrant life.

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About Guest:

Over two decades ago, the demands of Katie McDonald’s corporate career occupied her every waking moment. She was left feeling depleted and depressed—suffering from spiraling mental and physical health crises that threatened her life.

Left with no choice but to transform her body-mind relationship, Katie abandoned her corporate job and finally started applying her knowledge of self-care, alternative health, and plant-based nutrition.

Since then, Katie has been on a revitalizing journey of lifelong self-care.

Fully recovered from years of self-neglect, Katie now helps fellow doers embrace self-care so they can do more and be more while leading healthier, more intentional, and more nourished lives.

Katie leads with tough love to inspire, empower, and challenge audiences. She dispels the destructive myth that self-care is an obstacle to productivity

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