308 | Vision Of Success: Setting Business Goals Worth Achieving In The New Year

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Why You Might Feel A Bit Empty Regardless Of Your Success 
  • Ways You Might Be Sabotaging That Success 
  • How To Make This Year Different 
  • A Simple Exercise To Get Clear On Your Vision Of Success 
  • So Much More!

Happy New Year!

I hope you started this new year off full of confidence and hope for what you can accomplish in your business and life this year.

I sure did. The recent renaming of my podcast to the Small Business Straight Talk Podcast, updating the pictures on my website, and tweaking my brand across the board has gotten me super excited to take on all sorts of new ideas and new projects in 2024.

But not just any new ideas. Not just any new projects. They must pass the filter test first. Whether I come up with it or it falls onto my lap, as a rule, I push every new idea and project through the filter of “Does this align with my vision of success?” If it doesn’t, I chalk it up to simply being a distraction dressed up as an opportunity and it gets the axe.

If the idea or project does align with my vision of success, I proceed by creating a goal to achieve it, break it down, and schedule it on my calendar - or I table it for a later date.

You see, not every idea or project is worth pursuing. Not every goal is worth creating. When deciding what you want to accomplish in your business this year, make sure it honors your vision of success, otherwise you could be sabotaging many of your personal goals in the name of a successful business and wind up ringing in 2025 feeling like you deserve a big fat F for 2024.

Need help finding clarity on your vision of success so you know which goals are actually worth achieving this year? Then tune into this week’s episode of Small Business Straight Talk where I dive into precisely that!

Questions To Ask Yourself To Gain Clarity On Your Vision Of Success:

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