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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • The Role Of A Fractional COO 
  • The Benefits Of Having One 
  • How To Know If Your Business Is Ready To Hire A Fractional COO 
  • How Long You Should Keep Them On Your Team 
  • A Typical Day In The Life Of A CEO Who Has A Fractional COO
  • So Much More!

Are you a soccer fan? Perhaps not. Or, perhaps you became one overnight after they announced the #1 soccer player in the world who’s net worth is over $600 million dollars, Lionel Messi, would be joining Inter Miami.

Soccer fan or not, hear me out…

The role of a goalkeeper in a game of soccer is to guard the goal and do everything they can to keep the opposing team from scoring. In other words, they must protect the goal at all costs.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a goalkeeper protecting you, the business owner, at all costs? Protecting you from wasting your precious and limited time on administrative tasks? Protecting you from wasting your energy on workplace conflicts and putting out fires? Protecting you from wasting your finances on creative ventures you or your team dreamed up that could put what is already working in your business in jeopardy?

I think we’d all love to have a goalkeeper protecting our business, fielding all the distractions that prevent us from doing our best work.

Well, according to my guest on today’s episode of Productivity Straight Talk, that role exists. It’s called a fractional COO and their main role is to help the business owner get out from underneath their business so they can work ON their business. A ride or die who helps you through existential crises and day to day challenges. A fractional COO could operate as your ride-or-die, helping you through everything from day-to-day challenges to existential crises. Interested? 

Then tune into this week’s episode in which I sit down with the founder and CEO of business consulting firm Golden Key Partnership, Lauren Goldstein, to dive into the world of fractional COOs and discuss what they can bring to the table of your  business.

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About Guest:

Lauren Goldstein is founder and CEO of the award-winning and globally-recognized business consulting firm, Golden Key Partnership.

Her clients lovingly call her “The Biz Doctor” (which also happens to be the name of her podcast). Her superpower is helping 7-figure service-based entrepreneurs uncover what is keeping them stuck in the trenches of their business, success, happier teams, and can breathe a much needed sigh of relief.

She’s been featured in Thrive Global, Huff Post, Authority Magazine and is a trusted expert to fortune 500 companies like Apple, Nike, and AT&T, among others.

For more from Lauren, and to learn more about her signature diagnostic framework tune in to her podcast, The Biz Doctor, available on all platforms or visit her website https://www.GoldenKeyPartnership.com

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