297 | Dumping The Head Trash That’s Killing Your Productivity With Renie Cavallari

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • How Head Trash Affects Our Work And Business 
  • 3 Ways To Deal With It Effectively 
  • How To Make The Necessary Shift To The Other Side Of Your Brain 
  • The 5 Questions That Allow You To Start Your Day On The Connected Side Of Your Emotional Brain 
  • Advice For Self-Motivation And Improving Productivity  
  • So Much More!

Ever had a Debbie Downer in your life? Or perhaps a Negative Ned? You know, those people who can’t seem to help being pessimistic about everything and casting their negativity on everything and everyone.

I sure have. And I know from experience they’re hard people to be around. They just bring you down and suck the life out of situations, even if those situations are otherwise positive. They’re glass half-empty kind of people to the extreme. Think Eeyore in Winnie The Pooh with a gloom and doom outlook on life. Not my kind of people. And I bet they’re not yours either.

And yet as a business owner, it’s quite possible you’ve let such a person take up residence in your mind. But it’s not a person exactly. It’s your inner voice whispering negative self-talk that is killing your productivity and sabotaging your success. 

My guest on today’s episode of Productivity Straight Talk, Renie Cavallari, calls that inner voice head trash. Renie is the CEO and Founder of Powered by Aspire and is an expert at helping people defeat their head trash so it stops holding them back from reaching their potential in their business and life. Tune in and learn how to dump your head trash!

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About Guest:

Renie Cavallari is the CEO and founder of Powered by Aspire, a globally awarded leadership development and strategic consulting firm, and the RCI Institute, an awakening human potential research and leadership development lab. She is a fanatical entrepreneur having founded four companies plus a 501c3 and is recognized as an organizational anthropologist, CEO advisor, and strategic leadership coach. She is the author of seven books, with her latest, HEADTRASH: The Leading Killer of Human Potential, becoming an Amazon best seller and winning the prestigious Hollywood Bowl Best in Business award. Renie is a member of the National Speakers Association and was named an “Outstanding Woman in Business” by Phoenix Business Journal. Known as a dynamo who colors outside the lines, she and Aspire have won 18 consecutive Stevie® Awards as “Most Innovative Company.” In 2020, the Stevie’s® recognized Renie for a Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2023, Cavallari was awarded the EOAZ Citizen of the Year Award for her philanthropy and volunteerism.

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