294 | 6 Steps To Create & Maintain An Organized Digital File System

294 | 6 Steps To Create & Maintain An Organized Digital File System
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  • 294 | 6 Steps To Create & Maintain An Organized Digital File System

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • The Cost Of Keeping A Disorganized File System 
  • The Simple Steps To Create An Organized One 
  • How To Easily Maintain It 
  • Pro Tips For Long-Term Success Of  Your System 
  • So Much More!
  • Increased stress and anxiety

  • Inefficiency

  • Reduced team collaboration

  • Decision fatigue on where to file documents

  • Duplicate folders and documents

  • Lost documents so you have to recreate them

What do those things have in common? They are the result of managing a disorganized file system for your business. Combine those with these other results:

  • Hard to train team members on how to use your system when it’s a mess

  • Financial cost of having to increase storage due to not deleting or duplicating documents

  • Inconsistent naming of files, making it hard to find what you need

  • Loss of time, money, and energy managing your disorganized files

… and it’s quite clear that you can’t afford to continue maintaining a disorganized file system. The cost to your business is far too great!

In fact, a report by SaaS company MediaValet says employees spend 8% of their workdays searching for files, and end up wasting time recreating between 5 to 15% of their company's digital assets after giving up the hunt. Your employees are massively affected, too.

The hunt for needed folders and documents should never be more than a few seconds and it doesn't have to be if you just take the time to complete the project of creating an organized digital file system, teaching it to your team, and continue maintaining it.

In this episode of Productivity Straight Talk, I dive into how you can easily do just that so you can optimize the efficiency of you and your team!

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