288 | Pomodoro Technique Not My Thing But It Might Be Yours

288 | Pomodoro Technique Not My Thing But It Might Be Yours
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  • 288 | Pomodoro Technique Not My Thing But It Might Be Yours

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • What The Pomodoro Technique Is 
  • Why It Can Be A Useful Time Management Tool 
  • The Benefits Of Blocking Your Time
  • Why I Don’t Use The Pomodoro Technique Buy Maybe You Should  
  • What I Do Instead To Block My Time  
  • How To Apply The Pomodoro Technique To Your Your Workflow  
  • So Much More!

Over the years, have you tried a handful of different time management tools and strategies to see which ones work to help you consistently show up in your business?

Perhaps you’ve tried a time schedule, an action priority matrix, and an interruptions log. You’ve likely tried some form of time blocking. Maybe you took the advice I gave on this podcast and tried bookending your days. I sure hope you’ve tried using a task list (bonus points if yours is digital!).

But how about the Pomodoro Technique… have you tried that one? Many business owners swear by it. I don’t. But I can only say that because I’ve tried it and its structure doesn’t quite work well with my natural workflow and energy levels. And that’s okay! The Pomodoro Technique is not for everyone BUT it could be for you. And you’ll never know unless you learn about it and give it the old college try!

Knowing what a huge success the Pomodoro Technique has been for countless business owners, I chose to dissect and review it in this episode of Productivity Straight Talk. Tune in for great intel on whether it could be an effective time management tool to use in your business!

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