287 | Writing A Book To Grow Your Business With Michael DeLon

287 | Writing A Book To Grow Your Business With Michael DeLon
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  • 287 | Writing A Book To Grow Your Business With Michael DeLon

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • How I Define Marketing & Visibility 
  • Who Should & Shouldn’t Write A Book 
  • Why Michael Sees Most Business Owners As Coffee Beans 
  • What Your #1 Asset In Your Business Is 
  • How To Leverage Writing A Book To Grow Your Business  
  • How Your Voice, Tone, & Message Gets Added In Michael’s Writing Process  
  • What Kind Of Marketing Time Commitment Gets Results  
  • So Much More!

My guest on today’s episode of Productivity Straight Talk is unlike anyone else I’ve ever had on the show. Why? Because he actually escaped from prison. Here are the Cliff’s notes…

Long ago, Michael DeLon spent the better part of a decade working in Christian radio doing marketing and sales. He spent all of his free time and energy learning everything he could about marketing and became a guru. Michael’s business grew but his marriage tanked because no one ever taught him how to be married to someone completely opposite from him, and vice versa. Michael and his wife went to a Family Life marriage conference and got some blueprints for a better marriage which worked! After working for a dotcom that was ahead of its time (read = went bankrupt), he went to work for the Family Life ministries that had saved his marriage and climbed the corporate ladder there.

Through the years, Family Life reorganized a number of times leading to  Michael being cut from leadership and shuffled around the ministry to do different things. That was when Michael said his two-year prison sentence began. He was constantly being forced to do jobs he absolutely hated at a ministry he absolutely loved. What could be worse than that? So, in January of 2013, Michael escaped from prison by venturing out on his own and starting a marketing consulting firm. Michael wasn’t seen as a marketing thought leader yet so getting new clients was tough. Instead of crawling back to corporate, begging for a job and a paycheck, he put his marketing prowess to work! Michael wrote a book and leveraged it to grow his business. He gained new clients easily because authoring a book qualified him as an expert in everyone’s eyes.

Michael’s write-a-book marketing strategy was so successful that he decided to grow a new business out of helping other business owners gain more clients by leveraging a book they wrote. In this episode of Productivity Straight Talk, I sit down with the President of Paperback Expert, Michael DeLon, to dive into his favorite marketing strategy of writing a book to find new clients and grow your business and we discuss ways to get the process started. 

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About Guest:

Michael DeLon serves business experts and thought leaders to create a book without writing a word. As a #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author and America’s Foremost Authority on Credibility Marketing, he teaches how to establish and market your credibility to gain more clients. Business owners seek out Michael to clarify their message, make them a bestselling author, and set up their profitable podcast. They use his Credibility Marketing strategies to gain clients, get referrals, and grow their revenue. Since 2013, he has worked with business owners across the United States and internationally to establish and market their credibility.

Michael is the husband of one and father of four. He’s a committed follower of Jesus Christ who is deeply involved in his church. You can normally find Michael investing time with his family, reading a great book, or facilitating growth in the lives of those around him.

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