285 | Practicing Emotional Intelligence To Show Up Your Best With Joshua Freedman

285 | Practicing Emotional Intelligence To Show Up Your Best With Joshua Freedman
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  • 285 | Practicing Emotional Intelligence To Show Up Your Best With Joshua Freedman

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • What Emotional Intelligence Is  
  • Why It’s Important To Practice It In Business 
  • How To Work Through Your Feelings And Show Up Your Best 
  • What Happens When You Ignore Your Feelings 
  • The Observer State That Can Transform Work Conflicts  
  • How To Be Compassionate But Still Advocate For The Business 
  • When It’s Necessary To Pause Vs. Press On 
  • So Much More!

Emotional intelligence is more than a trendy 21st century buzzword. Many people have proclaimed that their emotional intelligence training:

“Gave me the tools to transform into who I want to be!”

“Saved my marriage!”

“Saved my life!”

That’s not really hard to believe when you get to the heart of what emotional intelligence is in its simplest form: being smarter with your feelings. After all, how many times have your feelings gotten you into trouble? When you were too emotionally drained to get out of bed, let alone tackle your to-do list? When you said the wrong thing after an employee let you down? When you allowed a disagreement with a vendor to become too heated? When you cried in front of a client and it came across as weakness?

As business owners, we deal with a lot of challenging emotions of our own, as well as the emotions of our employees, clients, and vendors throughout the day. Feelings are a natural part of living but how we control our feelings and reactions to others’ feelings greatly impact our ability to show up our best, be productive, and run our businesses effectively. Few people understand that more than my guest on today’s episode of Productivity Straight Talk.

When Joshua Freedman first took an interest in emotional intelligence, he thought it was surely a detour from his career but in fact, it was the on ramp. He is now the CEO and Cofounder of Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network, an international 5013 non-profit organization that researches and teaches emotional intelligence. In this in-depth interview, we dive into the practice of emotional intelligence and the impact it can have on your outcomes as a small business owner.

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About Guest:

Joshua Freedman is one of the world's top experts on using emotional intelligence to improve performance. He’s the co-founder and CEO of Six Seconds, the global non-profit dedicated to teaching people how to use emotional intelligence (EQ).

Joshua leads the world’s largest study of emotional intelligence, with breaking research dropping later this year. He is also the author of 5 emotional intelligence books, including the best-selling At the Heart of Leadership: How to Get Results with Emotional Intelligence. He has helped hundreds of organizations, including FedEx, Qatar Airways, the US Navy, P&G, Microsoft, Intel, Amazon, HSBC, and the United Nations, use emotional intelligence to get better results. His work leads to a people-centered culture that strengthens leadership, sales, employee wellbeing, retention and innovation.

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