284 | How To Get Unstuck

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • What Being Stuck Is
  • What That Can Look Like In Your Business 
  • What Being Stuck Leads To 
  • Why You’re Feeling Stuck 
  • 3 Steps For Taking Action To Get Unstuck  
  • So Much More!

Whether you’re stuck in traffic, stuck in the elevator, or stuck in a ditch, being stuck sucks!

And that certainly applies to being stuck in your business. You know what I’m talking about… when you feel like you’re on a plateau and can’t move forward. When you:

  • Don’t know what next steps to take
  • Feel frozen and unable to make decisions
  • Are super busy but not productive
  • Avoiding everything from your inbox to your employees

… Which all manifests as yucky feelings of being overwhelmed, discouraged, unmotivated, frustrated, stressed, and like a total failure - none of which are helpful in you being a badass, successful business owner who reaches their goals!

So, get stuck. Everyone does and it’s often unavoidable. There’s a lot of muck to wade through when you’re running a business.

Don’t get comfortable though. I implore you to quickly identify what kind of muck you find yourself stuck in, work toward a solution, take focused action, and get unstuck so you can keep moving your business forward!

Need some help with that?

Tune in to this episode of Productivity Straight Talk in which I dive into the topic of getting unstuck so you can get clarity on the root cause of why you’re stuck and get the heck out!

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