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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • How Jessica Discovered She Created A Business That Felt Like A Prison
  • My Challenge With Mental Health & How I Navigate It
  • The Ridiculous Thing I Said At My First Therapy Session
  • How Jessica Balances Her Pursuit Joy & Happiness With Being Successful
  • What Your Business Could Look Like If You Don’t Address Your Mental Health
  • Why It’s Ultra Important To Prioritize Your Mental Health
  • So Much More!

Mental health has increasingly been front and center of topics in recent years and I say, it’s about time. Approximately six years ago, I was dealing with a family issue that was too big to wrap my head around, let only get my emotions in control over. My friends and family were supportive but I needed understanding and healing in a big way. The weight was too big for me to bear on my own so I made the (what I thought was a bold) decision to see a therapist.

I’ll never forget walking into the therapist’s office for my first appointment. I was on a mission! I told her I only had one particular family issue I wanted to discuss and me being there was not permission to open Pandora’s box. I remember holding one finger up while I made that declaration to really bring home my point. Fast forward to six years later, I am still meeting with that same therapist on a regular basis and trust me, we are covering a whole lot more of my life experiences than that one family issue which has long since been put to bed. I find my therapy sessions to be cathartic and necessary in effectively managing my mental health. 

There is still such a stigma surrounding therapy and mental health when there shouldn’t be. As entrepreneurs, if we need help creating a website, we hire a web designer. Admin work? We hire an assistant. Team banquet? We hire a caterer. Office makeover? An interior decorator. We trust those professionals to perform well in their expertise.  And yet, when it comes to needing mental health support, we hesitate to hire a therapist, someone who “specializes in helping clients develop better cognitive and emotional skills, reduce symptoms of mental illness, and cope with various life challenges to improve their lives.” I no longer see the reason for hesitation.

Being a business owner is hard. HARD! It comes with unique challenges, stress, overwhelm, financial burdens, frustrations, and experiences that can be difficult to navigate. Hiring a therapist is just an extension of asking for help in a different area you need support. The decision should come just as naturally as hiring someone to manage your taxes. Note: I am not saying you need a therapist but I am encouraging you to be open to evaluating your mental health and talking to a trained professional if needed. Mental health and entrepreneurship can go hand in hand. You can run your business, be successful, have happy, meaningful relationships, and be working on your mental health.

In this episode of Productivity Straight Talk, I sit down with my friend and owner of Freedom Driven Success, business strategist Jessica Rodriguez, to have a brutally honest and raw conversation about navigating the intersection between mental health and entrepreneurship. 

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About Guest:

Jessica Rodriguez helps business owners expand beyond a 1:1 client reliant business model through the power of online courses, evergreen sales funnels and connection-driven marketing.

This happens through her Clients to Courses® and Evergreen with Ease  frameworks that massively simplify how to effectively create, launch and scale a course in today’s online market.

When not talking about all things business, you can find Jessica going to Target for the tenth time this week, being the most extra cat mom and competing with her husband on who’s the funniest.

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