206 | Seasons

206 | Seasons

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • How I’ve Decided To Honor The Season Of Life I’m In
  • What You Can Do To Honor Yours
  • How That Will Impact Your Life For The Better
  • A Big Announcement I Want To Clue You In On
  • So Much More!

“Like the seasons of the year, life changes frequently and drastically. You enjoy it or endure it as it comes and goes, as it ebbs and flows.” ~ Burgess Meredith

I don’t know about you but I want to enjoy each season of my life, not endure it.

Sure, there will be unwelcome, acute moments of sadness, illness, anger, disappointment, tragedy, and loss which I will be forced to endure, but for the most part I want to enjoy each season of my life to the fullest extent possible.

And that means welcoming and honoring the season I’m in, whether that’s raising a toddler, doubling down on an offering in my business, or navigating a global pandemic.

Seasons come and go in both your business and personal life. Some may be marked by monumental, joyous occasions and goal achievements, while others may be composed of a series of mundane activities without a definitive beginning or end.

If you’re not careful, you can easily allow the season you’re in in your personal life to conflict with the season you’re in in your business. What ensues, then, is dissatisfaction, overwhelm, and loads of stress because you’re living out an inherently unbalanced life that’s pulling your mind, body, and heart in different directions.

I encourage you to honor the overarching season of life you’re in by intentionally and thoughtfully creating your personal and business schedules to work together synergistically so you can achieve greater balance, more satisfaction, and less stress. Doing so will also allow you to have patience, love, grace, and understanding for yourself and with yourself.

Currently, I have decided to honor the season of life I’m in by making a hard decision in my business. Tune in to this episode of Productivity Straight Talk for my big announcement and my straight talk on living instead of enduring your life’s seasons. 

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