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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • How Metrics Can Affect Your Business
  • Why You Should Not Be Scared Of Your Numbers
  • Which Important Numbers To Track Diligently
  • How Often To Look At Your Numbers
  •  How To Get Started Tracking Metrics 
  • So Much More!

As a kid, I never liked math.

I probably would have chosen a root canal over multiplying fractions and figuring out the square root of impossibly high numbers.

I just wasn’t a numbers nerd and didn’t see the point in attaining all of that knowledge.

Had someone told me how much numbers would matter in my future business though, I probably would have paid more attention in math class.

The truth is, when you take the time to really look at the numbers in your business, they talk loudly and can empower you to make better decisions in your business.

Decisions that impact where you spend your marketing dollars. Who you hire. Who you fire. The leads you generate. The clients you sign. The referrals you get. How profitable your business!

When you track numbers as metrics to measure how well something is working (or not working), you can use that data to tweak how you, your team, and your systems are operating, and make them better or in some cases, toss them out and start from scratch.

As my guest Layne Booth says, “Metrics bring the data, not the drama.” Data that can help you grow your business to new heights if you track it diligently and use it to your advantage.

In this episode of Productivity Straight Talk, I sit down with true numbers nerd Layne, who is the CEO and Dashboard Expert of The Project Booth, to dive into her wonderful world of metrics and discuss how tracking the right ones can empower small business owners to make better, more profitable decisions in their business. 

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About Guest:

Layne Booth is the CEO and Dashboard Expert of The Project Booth, a business growth agency that uses proven metrics and data to bring business owners to the next level in their business.
By upleveling client services with strategically planning and visual dashboards, business owners can reclaim their time to focus on their business, make data-driven decisions, and increase their income.
With her passion—and over a decade of “in the trenches” experience—as a guiding light, Layne ensures successful client-focused business owners simplify their strategies and increase their profits … so they can get back to running a business they love. 

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