195 | Difficult Conversations: Strategies For Navigating Everyone’s Kryptonite With Lara Currie

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Typical Conflicts That Occur In Business & Tips For Resolving Them
  • The 4 Different Conflict Personality Types
  • How To Pull Yourself Back Once You’re Spiraling
  • Specific Strategies For Preventing Miscommunication
  • How To Properly Preframe An Agreement With Your Client
  • So Much More!

If you’re a business owner, I have no doubt you’ve had some pretty tough conversations, perhaps with…

A subcontractor who’s been underforming for months...

A client who frequently no-call, no-shows...

An employee who brings their personal drama to work...

A vendor who constantly reschedules...

A strategic partner who doesn’t live up to their end of the bargain…

A spouse who is unsupportive of your goals…

The facts are if you run a business, you’ll experience more than your fair share of uncomfortable and difficult conversations. It’s an unwelcome part of the gig and (I dare say) a weakness for most business owners, possibly on par with kryptonite. 

When you engage in tough conversations, expectations are typically high, inferences are made, boundaries are crossed, emotions are heightened, and judgments are issued. Tough conversations that aren’t navigated well leave both parties feeling unheard, misunderstood, or feeling like the bad guy.

It’s best to learn how to manage yourself during such anticipated conversations and gain the skills that will enable you to help both parties get to a place of hearing and understanding by the end. 

In this episode of Productivity Straight Talk, I interview speaker and author Lara Currie who has spent her entire career in high-conflict jobs. She noticed that people share similar patterns of reacting to conflict and thus everyone can learn to communicate more clearly and come to agreed upon resolutions, despite the difficulty level of their conversation and personality types involved.

Tune in to get Lara’s valuable insight on how to turn difficult conversations into productive ones that leave you feeling like you conquered your kryptonite.

Episode Links & Resources:

  • DifficultHappens.com
  • Free eBook: 10 Tips On How To Deal With Difficult People

About Guest:

Lara Currie is passionate about uncovering dysfunctional communication patterns, combating manipulative tactics while empowering women business owners in high-stress fields to communicate confidently

She is a podcaster, speaker & trainer, and the author of Difficult Happens; How Triggers, Boundaries, & Emotions Impact YOU Every Day. With 29 plus years of experience in high-conflict positions, she has a unique and intuitive understanding of why people act—and react—the way they do.

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