168 | Honoring Your Body, Mind, & Soul To Be Productive With Courtney Townley

168 | Honoring Your Body, Mind, & Soul To Be Productive With Courtney Townley
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  • 168 | Honoring Your Body, Mind, & Soul To Be Productive With Courtney Townley

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • The Mind-Body-Soul-Business Connection
  • Ways To Honor Your Mental And Physical Health
  • The Benefits Of Chemical Balancing
  • Why Your Metabolism Is Screwed And How To Fix It
  • The 6 Elements Of Self-Leadership
  • So Much More!

Let’s play a little trivia!

What is the first thing business owners tend to let go of when they feel overwhelmed and out of time?

        a) Their productive routines

        b) Working on their high-value activities

        c) Their commitment to self-care

Well folks, there’s no wrong answer here as business owners tend to let go of all those things when they mismanage the time they have and are busy putting out fires left and right.

Today, though, we’re going to focus on self-care and the mind-body-soul-business connection because… you can have a rocking business. You can have the marketing nailed down. You can have the best team. But if you as the business owner are failing in health and energy and focus, you’ve got nothing.

Taking radical ownership of your health is necessary to be productive and it significantly benefits your business.

And get this… taking care of yourself is about way more than just balancing your physical health.

You must focus on completing your overall health picture and that means balancing your spiritual, emotional, environmental, relational, and mental health as well.

It sounds like a giant undertaking but it is worth the effort because the benefits of achieving multidimensional health will flow into all the other areas of your life, allowing you to show up as your best every day for the people and activities that matter.

To learn more about completing your overall health picture, I sit down with certified nutrition coach and host of the Grace & Grit podcast, Courtney Townley in this episode of Productivity Straight Talk. We discuss how your productivity improves when you take time to honor your body, mind, and soul (not just your business!), how a healthy business requires healthy leadership, and the fact that health is a PRACTICE of self-leadership.

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About Guest:

Courtney Townley has been helping women around the world take better care of themselves with more consistency and ease for the past 20 years. She is the host of the highly-rated podcast, Grace & Grit, where she helps women to expand the definition of health far beyond the topics of diet and exercise and help women write their own playbook for healthy living. She is a level 2 certified nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition, which is heavily rooted in behavior change science, she is a certified strength coach via the National Strength & Conditioning Association and a certified Life Coach via the Life Coach School. Courtney is passionate about a multidimensional approach to wellness and deeply believes with the right dose of Grace & Grit anything is possible.

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