158 | How To Be A Better Boss To Your VAs So They Can Make The Magic Happen With Tasha Booth

158 | How To Be A Better Boss To Your VAs So They Can Make The Magic Happen With Tasha Booth
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  • 158 | How To Be A Better Boss To Your VAs So They Can Make The Magic Happen With Tasha Booth

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • How A VA Can Support You And Your Business
  • Best Practices For Communicating With Your VA
  • How You Being A Visionary Could Sabotage Your VA’s Work
  • Why An Onboarding Packet Is Necessary To Set Your VA Up For Success
  • So Much More!

As a business owner taking the time to invest in your learning by reading this email, you are no doubt a visionary.

You’re constantly in your head thinking about the future and dreaming up all the lofty goals you’re going to achieve in your business.

You have the right idea as every great business needs a visionary defining how beautifully bright the future could be and leading the team toward that vision.

Goals can’t just be envisioned into achievement, though. They need to be executed on and most big goals worth achieving require multiple steps and courses of action behind the scenes. That’s where a qualified VA can step in and support you by executing the tasks needed to be done so you can show up as a superstar on the front lines of your business.

Perhaps you already have a VA.

Perhaps your goal is to create a landing page for a new offer, one that’s sure to excite your target audience.

If you’ve never created a landing page yourself, you might assume a landing page can be created in an hour.

So, you task your VA with creating a landing page, adding it to the long list of other tasks you gave her this week, but you are clear that completing the landing page is her priority.

Then, when you don’t get it back tomorrow, you wonder what’s taking her so long and get annoyed. You even question her competency. It’s just a landing page after all.

Well, as my guest Tasha Booth said on this week’s podcast, “It’s never just a landing page.”

What you don’t see, is your VA working her butt off to create your landing page. She’s writing the copy, creating CTAs, building the layout, finding complimentary imagery, designing graphics, linking out, proofreading, troubleshooting, adding analytics, optimizing your landing page, and in many cases, writing code.

All of which takes time, energy, training, and focus.

She’s making magic happen behind the scenes of your business while you’re getting annoyed that a landing page is taking more than one hour to create.

The problem?

Your expectations are too high and there’s a major disconnect in your communication. As this continues occurring tasks after task, project after project, it’s going to sabotage the success of your VA and ultimately, your ability to move forward in your business.

You’re not going to be happy with her time management and she’s not going to want to work for such a demanding boss with absurd expectations.

The answer is simple.

Use proven strategies for getting on the same page and communicating effectively with your VAs so they can best support you and your business!

In this episode of Productivity Straight Talk, I discuss many of those strategies with the Founder and CEO of the VA agency, The Launch Guild, Tasha Booth.

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About Guest:

Tasha Booth began her journey in the online business space five years ago as a virtual assistant when she decided she was tired of living an ‘ordinary’ life on someone else’s terms. As her business grew, so did her commitment to helping others figure out how to make the life they craved a reality. Now, whether she’s leading her team of 18 to support established coaches and course creators as the Founder and CEO of The Launch Guild agency, coaching virtual support professionals as they start and scale their own business, or hosting the ‘How She Did That’ podcast for VAs, OBMs, and project managers, Tasha is always helping other entrepreneurs live more fully in their zone of genius. When she’s not supporting her team of 18, she proudly spends her time as an Air Force wife to her husband Scott, stepmom to Grace and Meredith, and work from home dog mom to Stanley and Boomer.

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