102 | My Ultimate System To Whip Your Bottom Line Into Shape With Special Guest Sarah Laufer, CPA

102 My Ultimate System To Whip Your Bottom Line Into

I walk you through my Ultimate System To Whip Your Bottom Line Into Shape so you can develop a bookkeeping system tailored for your business, improve the state of your finances, make more informed business decisions, and go into each tax season prepared, confident, and with a good handle on how much you’re going to owe or get back. As a bonus, you’ll hear five ways to have less stress and anxiety over bookkeeping from my CPA, special guest Sarah Laufer.

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

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    The Root Cause Of Your Tax Season Stress
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    My Step-By-Step Bookkeeping Process To Alleviate Tax Season Stress
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    The Most Important Task In Your Other Bucket
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    What Will Happen If You Don’t Keep Your Finances In Check
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    So Much More!


I hope you enjoy my episode on whipping your bottom line into shape and encourage you to create your own system to master your finances. Now let’s jump right in and get to the straight talk!

About The Guest:

Sara Laufer is a licensed CPA and has her own CPA practice in NJ, right on the border of NYC, with the primary focus on taxes and tax planning. Her slogan waivers between "Not Your Parent's Accountant", "Financial Therapist" and "Taking Anxiety Out of Taxes" -- which all really speak to her approach to the crazy world of taxes. She has 18 years experience, first climbing the accounting and business world corporate ladder in NYC and now 8 years on her own. Sara works closely with individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses and really takes pride in the relationships she builds with each of her clients. The company focuses on technology and therefore is able to work with clients across the country.

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