010 | Defeating Your Inability To Focus with Erik Fisher

Defeating Your Inability To Focus

In this episode, I sit down with Erik Fisher, host of the Beyond The To Do List podcast, as he walks us through the importance of focus, the habits he’s implemented to keep his focus and energy up, and the solution that kept him from occasionally crashing.

We also talk about the productivity philosophy that keeps Erik feeling competent and confident, the lesson he learned from the most stressful period in his life, and the tool he uses to kill his fight or flight mechanism so he can maintain focus.

I know you’ll enjoy our interview on focus and hope you’ll decide to heed Erik’s great advice. To find out about and his hidden agenda to begin podcasting and more, let’s get to the straight talk!


What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Techniques To Maintain Focus On The Task At Hand
  • What You’re Unknowingly Doing That Causes Your Inability To Focus
  • ​How Your Circadian Rhythms Affect Your Work
  • Old And New Technologies That Promote Focus
  • So Much More!

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